Enjoy the festivities all year long

Now you are able to practice with these phenomenal teachers anytime you like! These practices aren't only for the time of the solstice, they can be applied to everyday life because they're messages are universal and timeless.

Transformation is NOW

We've asked some of the absolute best teachers in the world to share their tools on how the practice can assist us to navigate all life circumstances. Whether you're experiencing challenging times, enjoying moments of harmony, or feeling stagnant without much direction or purpose, this practice is here to help, and these wonderful teachers will be your guide towards whatever it is that may serve you best on the now moment.


Take a Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, Therapeutic, Restorative, Hatha, Yin, or Urban Zen class to suit your needs.

Pranayama & Meditation

Move into the subtle layers of the practice with world renowned masters of their craft.

Sound Baths

Relax and be renewed with the healing vibrations that only sound can offer.

Panel Discussions

Join the panel of yoga teachers as they discuss how the practice of yoga can assist us during this momentous time in history and the cosmos.

Life Coaching

Gather the tools to take the yoga practice off of your mat, and into your daily life.

Dance Parties

End each day of practice with a dance party that will definitely make your socks fly off with some great vibes.

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Entire weekend

Enjoy the festival anytime you like

Have access to ALL practices during the festival at your fingertips!

Love & Gratitude

We at Vistara Flow would like to thank all the teachers, DJ's, and especially all the practitioners who showed up to make this such a magical weekend. It will be a time spent together that we won't forget.

From the entirety of our hearts THANK YOU!

Much love,


Q&A with Winter Reigns teachers

Get to know your teachers a little better