Haven't practiced in a while?

We understand that sometimes life has a way of keeping us off of our mats, and it can be a bit intimidating to get back to our flow.

Sign up today for our 'Get Back On The Mat' series and let us help you find your flow.

What you can look forward to:

  • A carefully crafted 4-week series designed to help you get back on the mat or help you start your yoga journey.
  • With 4 classes per week, you'll develop the strength and confidence needed to cultivate a consistent practice.
  • Each week consists of:
  • Vinyasa Flow - Level 1/2 classes
  • VInyasa Flow - Level 2 classes
  • Restorative classes

Price for non-members:

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Also included in your membership:

Vinyasa Flow

Full length classes with individual peek pose and intention. Levels 1, 1/2, 2, and 2/3


Dive deeper into your body and into your practice with these classes designed to slow you down.


Explore the more subtle areas of our mind and practice by turning the gaze within.

LIVE group classes

Have a community experience as your favorite teacher guides you and your fellow yogis through a masterfully designed journey. Receive adjustment cues for your body in the moment.


Take a close look at your favorite advanced asana or transition, and maybe find that missing piece for your practice.

Sound Baths

Rest and renew with the soothing vibrations that only sound can make.


Ignite the fire within using breath work and body movement in these dynamic classes.

Yoga for Beginners

These slow, gentle, and basic classes help those that are looking to learn the fundamentals.

6-Week Arm Balance Challenge

These challenging and exciting asanas can be a fun part of the practice, and we'd love to share some key tools that we've found to be essential to having your arm balances take flight.

4-Week Handstand Challenge

These exhilarating asana build strength, confidence, and balance. Plus are just so much fun! Let's release the fear that usually keeps us out of these inversions, and see what the world looks like standing on our hands.

Yoga For Runners

A four-week series for those of you that enjoy running and would like a yoga practice that enhances your abilities.

All About The Hips

A four-week series to help you get into and gain control of the hips.

Maite and Miguel - Brooklyn, NY.

"The Vistara Flow platform allows for an easeful integration into the practice of yoga and can be also used as a tool to enrich your practice as an advanced yogi practicing at home. We could not be more grateful to Sean and all the other teachers for constantly inspiring us to keep flowing and expanding our practice on all levels. "